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If you want to just do 1 session it's $249. If you purchase a package of 10 you get your 60 minute sessions for $149 each. Buy more & Save Money!  Ask about our Slim Financing Products.  

We are a little different that most body contouring places. We allow you to pick and choose what body parts you want to work on at each session. You Do NOT have to buy a package of 10 for each area.  As an added bonus will add an additional treatment area for free during your 60 minute session. 

Why choose us?

The Lazer Slim Difference

It's your body & you know it the best. Choose what areas you want to work on at each session.

Here's why


I have tried quite a few body contouring places around town and the machines they use by far have been the best. I've noticed a bigger change in the few areas I've been working on and I love that they will work on another areas for you during your session.

Tosha Schiffli

I can honestly say that @lazerslimok has been great and I have already referred severl friends to them. Not only has their customer service been amazing but they have let me pay my sessions out which is super helpful being a single mom. I feel a lot better about my problem areas after doing a 10 session treatment plan.

Kerry Vantyul

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Just $299 down & pay as you go at each session