Lazer Slim-After Treatment Leg Bands (Set of 2)

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Our custom Lazer Slim neoprene leg bands are made from a rubber foam. This material is very soft & flexible. It is also waterproof and can be washed repeatedly.


How To Use-Wrap them tight around the newly treated area. This helps with holding your skin in to place and draining your lymphatic system. 


Dimensions-Leg circumference 15.75 to 23.62 inches x 7.87 side height

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I have tried quite a few body contouring places around town and the machines they use by far have been the best. I've noticed a bigger change in the few areas I've been working on and I love that they will work on another areas for you during your session.

Tosha Schiffli

I can honestly say that @lazerslimok has been great and I have already referred severl friends to them. Not only has their customer service been amazing but they have let me pay my sessions out which is super helpful being a single mom. I feel a lot better about my problem areas after doing a 10 session treatment plan.

Kerry Vantyul

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