Lazer Slim

What makes us different is a few things...

One, we don't make you buy a new package for each body part you want to work on and, of course, you can just purchase a single session if you want too. At each 60 min. appointment you get to choose what area you want to work on.  If you buy a package and want to work on your abdomen, awesome.  After a few sessions if you want to switch to your oh so voluptuous booty...great, let's do it! It's your body and you know it best.

Two, we want to make sure you're getting the BANG for your BUCKS, so to speak. For example: If you come in to work on your arms, we will ask to see if there is another area of concern and choose another treatment method for that particular area for FREE!  Most places make you pay extra to add EmSculpt or Lipo Lights, but during your 60 min. session with us we are happy too add it to another area of your choice.  Add up what 10 additional sessions of lipo light therapy or EmSculpt would be from other body contouring places and see for yourself what an amazing deal your getting. 

Three, we offer Slim Financing. For many people paying $1,490 for 10 sessions up front isn't an option. Of course, it makes the most sense to do because you end saving a $1,000 on buying a package deal.  We offer a way to pay your package out. For $299 down you can start Slim Financing. No credit checks required.  After your deposit you pay $119 or $132 (depending on the package you purchase) each session going forward, and guess what, you still get the $1,000 discounted price for purchasing the package. 

Purchase our 10 session bundle and love the way you look!



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