Radio Frequency

Radio frequency body contouring tightens the skin, helps remove fat and improves tone without any downtime or pain at all. This pain-free procedure reduces cellulite, boosts collagen production and gets rid of fatty deposits that fail to go with exercise.  Our machine does several things at one time. It uses radio frequency in conjunction with red light therapy.  You will notice a difference in your skin after just one session and at the very end we will use a light amount of suction to help drain your lymphatic system.


Most people do 20-30 minutes of cavitation first, to liquify fat, then do 20-30 minutes of radio frequency to tone, sculpt and tighten their skin. By adding Lipo Lights to this same treatment area for 20 min you will be well on your way to a newer you. We suggest to doing ten 60 minute sessions.  You can even add on a 30 minute session with our Neo EmSculpt machine if you want to build muscle in a certain area. 


Like any form of energy, RF has the capacity to heat up the skin's deeper layers to induce new collagen and elastin production and encourage cell turnover, helping skin become firmer, thicker and more youthful-looking.



Is RF skin tightening painful?  

No, not at all. This treatment simply heats the skin, which most clients find to be pleasant and relaxing. RF Skin Tightening is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure with minimal side effects.